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Ironmongery options

We have a range of ironmongery to suit your individual tastes, with a choice of colour finishes, fasteners and handles to suit various aesthetic and security needs.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our standard range of ironmongery we are able to source specialist architectural ironmongery to match your requirements. Architects sometimes specify ironmongery to suit a specific design concept and wherever possible we will work with them to source the required ironmongery.

Sliding sash window ironmongery

You can choose from a range of finishes in satin chrome, polished chrome, polished brass or white. Our standard ironmongery range includes a choice of three different fasteners, sash lifts and pole rings or ‘D’ handles. Other finishes are available when using specialist architectural ironmongery.
You can choose from three different sash fasteners from our standard range. Each of our sash windows comes with dual fasteners for increased security.
Traditional Fitch Fasteners
The most popular customer choice, our Fitch fastener comes with an in-built Allen key operated lock.
Modern Cam Fasteners
The ultimate in security, our Cam fastener comes with an in-built lock with a set of keys and is SBD certified (Secured by Design, an official police security initiative).
Traditional Hook Fasteners
More suited to period properties, our Hook fastener comes with an in-built Allen key operated lock.
Pole rings & ‘D’ handles
You can choose to have pole rings which are fitted to the inside of the top sash. Pulling the top sliding sash downwards or upwards by the pole rings moves the top sliding sash.
Alternatively (and if required in addition), you can also choose to have ‘D’ handles fitted to the outside of the top sliding sash. ‘D’ handles are available in both the modern and traditional ranges. Pulling downwards or pushing upwards using the ‘D’ handles moves the top sliding sash.

Push Ventlock
Ventlock restrictors
For added security you can choose from either ‘push’ or ‘angel’ ventlock restrictors, both of which restrict how much sliding sashes can open and help deter unwanted intruders without compromising an emergency exit.
Both types of ventlock restrictors do not detract from the overall function of the window, are fully integrated into the window, do not require a key to operate, and are SBD certified (Secured by Design, an official police security initiative).

Angel Ventlock
Both ventlock restrictors are available in brass, polished chrome and satin chrome.

Casement window ironmongery

We offer a choice of traditional and modern casement ironmongery as standard. We also use friction hinges, multi-point locking and shoot bolts as standard.
Casement window handles

Black monkey tail casement handle
Our standard casement window handle finishes are brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, black and white. Other finished are available by request, we can also source specialist handles when required.
Choose from these designs:

Hampstead® Bulb End
Hampstead® Open Curl
Hampstead® Reeded
Hampstead® Victorian Flat
Mighton® Black Monkey Tail
Alto® Square Bar
Jedo® Round Bar
Yale® Cranked Handle
Multi-point locking system built-in
Multi-point locking is fitted as standard on all our casement windows. Multi-point locks provide a high-security solution to the traditional timber window.
Multi-point locking, sometimes referred to as ‘shoot bolts’ force four bolts into the frame of a timber window, the result is a highly secure window. Our shoot bolts come from market leading Wink Haus® and are SBD certified (Secured by Design, an official police security initiative). They are a discreet solution, completely undetectable when the window is closed. The multi-point lock system has the added benefit of allowing the opening casement to be ‘locked’ open in a vent position.
Multi-point locks offer a discreet design without compromising the traditional appearance, where needed we can also use more traditional casement stays and latches.
Friction stay casement hinges built-in
Friction stay hinges are fitted as standard on our casement windows, which give extra strength and prevents the window from blowing open and smashing if caught by the wind.
Friction stay hinges offer a discreet design and are built into the window, where required we can also use traditional butt hinges.

Entrance door ironmongery

Our entrance door can accommodate either night-latches & deadlocks or multi-point locking systems with handles. Choose from a range of finishes in; white, black, polished chrome, satin chrome, and polished brass.
Front and Back door locking

Banham® night-latch on a Front door
We offer a choice of Yale® or Banham® night-latches. If you opt for Yale, we use Yale® BS1 (British Standard) Max Security Night-latch teamed with a Union® 3G114E BS3(British Standard) Heavy Pattern Deadlock.
If you opt for Banham®(TM) we use an L/2000 Night-latch teamed with a M2002TO Mortice lock. Banham® offers the highest prestige and quality, their locks have been awarded many accreditations and as you’d expect is SBD certified (Secured by Design, an official police security initiative).
As an alternative to the traditional night-latch or for use on a ‘back door’ you can choose to use the same multipoint locking systems and handle as used with our French doors (see French door section below for more details).

French door ironmongery

Our standard French doors come with dual handles, Euro cylinder locks, multi-point shoot and hook bolts. We also fit ‘parliament hinges’ as standard allowing you to open your door flat against the wall.
Our French door multi-point locking system force two bolts into the frame and a further two bolts are hooked into the other door set, the result is a highly secure set of French doors. Our shoot bolts and hook locks come from market leading ERA® and are SBD certified (Secured by Design, an official police security initiative). They are a discreet solution, completely undetectable when the doors are closed.
Although multi-point locking systems offer a discreet design without compromising the traditional appearance, we know that some people prefer more traditional ironmongery so when required we can use flush bolts and latches.
Our standard handles are from Yale®, choose from a range of finishes; polished chrome, satin chrome, polished brass, black and white. We understand that our standard handles may not be to everybody’s tastes so when required we are happy to source alternatives.

Bi-folding door ironmongery

Sashed bi-folding doors use the very latest in bi-folding door technology by using industry leading solutions from Brio in combination with a multipoint locking system to provide high security and maximum safety.
Sashed bi-folding doors are top hung and bottom guided within a substantial timber framing system, providing easy operation, even with very large door leaves and multiple panels in the configuration.
Our bi-folding doors, operated by high quality handles and high-security multi-point locks, utilise a stainless steel hinge, carrier and bolt system.
To finish off your beautiful bi-folding doors Sashed offers a choice of four premium ironmongery finishes; polished chrome, brushed chrome, brass, black.

Sliding patio door ironmongery

Sashed sliding patio doors are supplied as standard with a multi-point locking system from leading German manufacturer Gretsch-Unitas. Choose from four different styles; Rondo, Rondo – extra long, Dirigent, Belcanto. Each style is available in a range of finishes; silver, matt stainless steel, white, brass.

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