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Timber Pivot Doors - A design statement for the entrance of your home and the latest trend in rear doors to your garden

Design led joinery from Sashed

Sashed offer timber pivot doors complementing our existing collection of external wooden doors. Working in collaboration with the world renowned FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems we create bespoke pivot doors in an array of timber finishes, hardware, and almost every possible dimension. The flexibility of the pivot door system allows us to work with you to create a unique design with individuality and class.
A pivot door is all about connecting the inside to the outside in a dramatic way. By moving the hinges from the side of the frame inwards towards the centre of the frame you are left with an uninterrupted view either side of the frame. Pivot hinges can support much more weight compared to door-sets with traditional butt hinges, this allows the creation of exceptionally large doors giving the feelings of space and grandeur to your home.
Whether you are a homeowner, designer, or architect we can work with you on your residential or commercial project. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece at the entrance of your home or an architecturally glazed expanse at the back of a property we can turn your vision into reality.
Timber Pivot Entrance doors in London
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Timeless wooden finishes suitable for a range of applications

We are a natural wood only company. We only use the highest quality certified sustainable grade 1 timbers. Our principle timbers are softwood European pine, meranti hardwood, European oak or Accoya™; although all other timbers can be sourced upon request.
Sashed timber types
Wood is a truly sustainable and durable material with great insulating and acoustic benefits. Please note: depending the nature of your project Pine may not be suitable due to limitations in strength, its lower density and heavier weight.

Finishing touches for a distinctive design

There are numerous options available for pivot door hardware. We work closely with leading and luxury suppliers such as Joseph Giles so you can choose lever handles or edge pulls to complement your chosen design. Bespoke ironmongery commissions are also available.
All our doors come complete with multi-point locking systems from market leader WinkHaus with options for smart locks and automatic release. To enable us to insert wiring inside the door, the system can be ordered with a cable grommet to implement modern-day details such as in-built lighting or finger print recognition.
Timber Pivot Entrance doors showing inside and outside view

Endless colours or stains to complement your style

All our pivot doors are finished to an immaculate standard and are spray painted in the factory with four coats of water-based microporous paint or stain from leading coatings manufacture Teknos. The use of a microporous factory applied spay coating makes any timber impermeable to water droplets, but permeable to water vapour, keeping the rain out, but still allowing the timber to breathe. You can choose any colour from Farrow and Ball™, Little Green, NSC or RAL colour.
We also offer a range of translucent stains which add colour to the timber and allows the natural character, grain, and beauty to show through.
Large timber Pivot doors at rear showing inside and outside view

FritsJurgens Pivot Hinge Systems

Sashed have selected market leading FritsJurgens pivot hinges for use in all our pivot doors, available in a range of 4 different systems which are maintenance free. Every pivot hinge system is incorporated into the door and can carry doors with weights from 20 kg to 500 kg; this means we can make oversized doors which would not normally work with traditional butt hinges. So, whether you choose a lighter design or a heavy design, a FritsJurgens hinge will ensure a fluent motion throughout the entire movement. Click on the video link below to see an example of a pivot door in use.

System M+ iconSystem M+

System M+ takes the System M pivot hinge range to a new level. This adjustable pivot hinge brings latch control and 30° speed control. Latch Control enables the door to accelerate in the last 10° of the movement of the door. 30° speed control allows you to fine-tune the speed of the pivot door through the last 30° of the closing movement. This helps you to define the closing movement of the door, no matter the weight.

System M iconSystem M

System M is a self-closing pivot hinge which offers absolute control over the movement of your pivot door. With the touch of a finger, the pivot door is set into a single fluid motion. Opening the door is effortless and controlled, the movement elegant and soft closing. It is suitable for double and single-acting doors.

System 3 iconSystem 3

This Patented spring system is a pivoting door hinge with three functions: rotation, closing and hold positions. System 3 can turn through 360˚ and is characterised by a hold position at every quarter of a circle.

System 1 iconSystem 1

System One is our standard pivot hinge and the the most compact in FritsJurgens range allowing us to make slimmer profile. The pivot door hinge System One is completely mortised in the door. It can be opened to both the left and right, turns through 360° and has no hold positions or closure functions. It is possible to combine System One with door frames and the door rotation is 90°.

Need help designing a bespoke pivot door?

Are you a homeowner, self-builder, interior designer, or architect looking to design a bespoke pivot door for a house renovation, new build, or commercial project?
Do you already have a design in mind or need inspiration?
We would love to discuss your ideas and help create a show stopping piece that blends seamlessly into your design plans!

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Why go for a pivot door and other Frequently Asked Questions

Although very much on trend pivot hinged doors are less common than doors which use traditional butt hinges. Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing a pivot door, it’s important to make sure you understand how this type of door system works so you can decide if it’s suitable for your property.

What is the primary benefit of a pivot door compared to a traditional butt hinged door?

A pivot door is all about creating a dramatic opening; moving the hinges from the side of the frame inwards towards the centre of the frame by use of a pivot hinge at the top and bottom means when you open the door you have an uninterrupted view either side of the frame.

What is the secondary benefit of a pivot door compared to a traditional butt hinged door / how big can you make a pivot door?

Pivot door systems can support much more weight compared to doors with traditional butt hinges, this allows the creation of very large door-sets using a single panel door giving you a grand entrance aesthetic. For example we can support up-to 500kg in a single door, and depending on the type of timber and glazing used we can create door sizes up to 4000mm wide or 4000mm high, in a single door panel. Our flexible pivot door profile also allows for sidelights and top-lights within the construction of a single frame. Pivot hinge systems are prefect for bigger doors, ideally plus 1400mm in width, but we can make also make narrow pivot doors to as narrow as 900mm.

How weather sealed is a pivot door?

Pivot doors do have small areas at the top and bottom of the door frame that the drop down seals don’t cover. This means that the door could be a little draft in windy weather. You will also experience some get air leakage. We use some cleverly placed gaskets, brushes and seals, making the Sashed pivot door system one of the best weather sealed pivot doors commercially available in the UK.

How suitable is pivot door for an exposed area?

As per the point above we have worked hard at engineering the maximum amount of gaskets and seals we can into the design of the profile, but due to the nature of a pivoting door which opens both inside and outside at the same time, there are some limitations which restrict the use of rebating within the frame and door. With this in mind we would normally recommend that pivot doors are set back from exposed areas, but we welcome conversations about your individual project if your use case is for a more exposed application.

Will I lose walkthrough space?

Yes, some walkthrough space will be lost depending on the position of the pivot point. The pivot hinge needs to be placed at minimum of 100mm from the edge of the door, this means that on 1400mm wide door-set you would have a walkthrough opening of 1240mm. For maximum effect and to achieve the best aesthetic of 1400mm wide door we would recommend placing the pivot point 240mm in from the edge of the door which would give you a 1000mm walkthrough area.

Does a pivot door cost more?

A pivot door will cost between 25-50% more than our standard doors depending on design.

How do I know that a pivot door is right for my project and what will it look like?

We always make sure your pivot door design is perfect and fit for purpose based on your requirements, and as standard we issue scaled detailed CAD drawings for your sign-off before we start to manufacture any joinery, and upon request we can also issue CAD drawings before order as part of the sales process. If we think something won’t look quite right or we can suggest improvements; dont worry we will tell you!
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