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Our Eco Credentials

At Sashed, we are acutely aware that consumers are no longer looking for products made from unsustainable materials. We love an eco-conscious consumer, and our aim is to exceed their expectations. We’re committed to building an enterprise that only uses sustainable materials, has the least possible environmental impact, recycles, and ensuring that 0% of our waste goes to landfill.

Sustainability at the heart of our product

We advise only using PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified timbers when you buy any wooden windows or doors. We PEFC certified timbers in our products, ensuring your new windows and doors have been made from 100% sustainable timbers. For every tree used in the manufacture of our products, at least one tree is planted in its place. PEFC certified timber producers also have a commitment to responsible forestry – including the protection of the surrounding environment, wildlife and communities.
Sustainable forestry has many additional benefits:
  • Ensures good working conditions and fair pay for workers
  • Preserves cultural heritage of indigenous peoples
  • Preserves the balance of forest eco-systems
  • Offsets CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process
  • Provides trees to help tackle soil erosion, degradation and climate change
Purchasing products made from sustainable timbers will ensure we leave a legacy for the planet that perfectly balances the health of our planet with the demands of modern living.

What we do with our waste

The nature of building work produces a lot of waste. In the spirit of environmental sustainability we dispose of all of our site waste through Gowing & Pursey. This ensures that 100% of our waste stays out of landfill, and is recycled. Being a company that is local to Sashed HQ, also means we create relationships locally which, promotes growth of our local economy. The chart shows the proportion (in metric tonnes) of our commercial waste for January-July 2019. All of which was diverted from landfill!
Our office waste, is handled by First Mile ensuring that how we run our business also maintains our zero to landfill commitment.
Gowing & Pursey and First Mile are both local to Sashed, being literally around the corner. Using local waste companies also ensures that we are keeping large, more polluting vehicles out of the city centre- the aim, to do our best to minimise our contribution to air pollution in London.

Paint the town Green

The usage of water-based paint products are often criticised in the UK, but with technology improving all the time, water based paints are now on par and often surpassing their oil-based ancestors. The high VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content found in oil-based paints are catastrophic for our atmosphere, o-zone layer, health (and our paint brushes!).
We only use water-based paints and stains, with minimal or low VOC’. By using water-based paints and stains, we’re committed to the protection of the environment and your family’s health.

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