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Thermal performance & CE markings

Standards and quality assurance

Sashed windows and doors are manufactured to high standards from top quality materials and components that comply with European manufacturing quality standards. Complying with both EU and UK legislation and quality standards, all our windows, and doors are supplied with the required CE marking which includes the Sashed Declarations of Performance (DoP) for thermal performance. Thermal performance for windows and doors are measured in ‘U-values’ e.g 2.0.

What is a U-value?

U-value is a measurement of the rate of heat loss from the warm inside of the house through the window or door to the colder outside. The lower the U-value, the smaller the loss of heat, i.e. better energy management.

CE marking, what's it all about?

Since 1st of July 2013 all manufactured products sold in the EU are required to have a Declaration of Performance (DoP).
This Declaration of Performance is then printed on a CE mark or label and is a legal document, which is policed by Trading Standards, not by building regulations. Any person selling goods without the CE mark or making a false or incorrect declaration may be subject to prosecution, which may result in fines or even imprisonment in the most extreme cases. CE marking is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation. The CE mark is specified by the EU, but refers to the relevant country’s regulations. In the UK, the CE mark enforces compliance with building regulations (Part L), which apply to all external windows and doors.
Sashed makes Declarations of Performance and CE marks all of our products with a printed CE label, to show that they comply with the relevant standards.
Manufacturers have to declare a few essential characteristics to show the products performance. These are:
  1. Whole item U-value (not the centre pane only)
  2. Load bearing safety devices
  3. Dangerous substances (which is not relevant for Sashed products as none are not used in our joinery)
Sashed can confirm that all our products are safe and comply with CE marking regulations.

Download our CE marking labels below:

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