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Wood types

Hardwood and softwood options

Sashed offer three choices of timber: slow grown finger jointed pine, meranti and European oak. This gives you a choice of top quality softwood and hardwood to choose from. Meranti is a hardwood which has a longer lifespan than pine, however, our pine is engineered with finger joints and is only a few years behind meranti in its lifespan. This page provides more detail on both types of wood and is designed to help you make an informed decision on which wood type to go for.


Obviously the finish is important. If you want your windows painted then pine will give you a smoother finish. With meranti you will see more of the wood grain. If you are going to cover up the wood with paint, we would not normally recommend spending the extra on oak.

Finger jointed pine
Meranti Oak
If you are going for a stain, the pale colour of pine gives you more flexibility, and again a less grainy finish.
But if you choose meranti or oak, you may opt for a stain that exposes the beauty of the wood’s grain.

Life span

All our timber is top quality and sustainably sourced. The timber is dehumidified and treated prior to spray painting. The external finishes we provide along with good care and maintenance of your windows will ensure they last a lifetime or longer.
Generally ‘hardwood’ will last longer than ‘softwood’ but not all hardwoods are stronger than all softwoods, for example Balsa wood is a hardwood but only has a density of 7 to 9 lb/ft³ while Yew is a softwood but has a density of 42 lbs/ft³ (oak is 37 to 56 lbs/ft³). Our pine is a slow grown high density timber (around 30 to 35 lb/ft³), and our meranti has a density of 35 to 42 lbs/ft³ in fact our pine is over 10% heavier than the meranti. The denser the timber, the higher its shock resistance will be, and the rot resistance qualities of denser timber will also be higher.
Hardwood does have the advantage of containing natural tannin and other natural preservatives, which makes the timber naturally long lasting and weather resistant. So ideally you’d be looking for a dense hardwood timber, but since dense hardwoods, like oak, are very slow growing, they are usually more expensive. One of the most exposed elements of a window will always be the sill, which is why all our windows come with a hardwood sill. Some of our larger doors are only manufactured in the lighter and stronger hardwood so it can support its own structure.


Although Sashed do everything we can to reduce our costs so we can pass on savings to our customers, there is no disguising that our meranti is more expensive than our pine, typically about 20% on the whole window price.
Oak is more expensive again and the prices can fluctuate widely, if you would like oak pricing please email us at

Which wood is best for me?

Your wood choice is individual to your needs and you should consider the following factors when making your decision: 1) Your budget, the price of meranti versus pine 2) Do you want the natural grain of wood to be visible on the windows and doors in your home 3) The overall life span of the timber, hardwood (meranti) versus softwood (pine)

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