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Acoustic windows: Do you really need them?

Do we need acoustic windows? Being a London-based company we often get enquiries about whether we offer windows with acoustic glass or soundproof windows. Usually, the person on the end of the phone will complain of not being able to sleep at night due to traffic noise level or noise from people leaving pubs and restaurants late in the evening. Others say that they would love to be able to work from home more often but that the traffic noise is too distracting – these kinds of all-too-familiar issues that come with living in a big city.

What is noise pollution

Noise pollution is defined as harmful or annoying levels of noise. Road traffic, aircraft noise, trains, road works, building constructions: the sources of noise pollution in urban areas are endless. Although living in a big city like London inevitably means coping with unavoidable noise levels, being constantly exposed to noise is detrimental to your health. High noise levels can be the cause of stress, sleep disturbance and even cardiovascular problems. Therefore, reducing outside noise with double glazed windows or even acoustic glass seems a great solution.

When you need acoustic windows

Sashed, of course, does offer soundproof windows with acoustic glass as an option. And in certain situations, it can be worth the investment. Say you live on a busy road and have a very large bay window, and by large we mean one that is around two and a half metres plus in height, and very wide. In this instance it is likely to be worth the additional investment for acoustic windows, in order to get optimal noise reduction, bearing in mind that adding acoustic glass will add around 15% to the cost of your windows.

What are the alternatives to acoustic windows?

However, for the majority of London housing stock with more average-sized sash windows, typically around 2100mm in height and 1200mm wide, the likelihood is that you would not notice the added noise reduction from acoustic glass, and you would save around £400 per window by using standard double glazing. It’s also worth noting that the glazing is also just part of the solution when it comes to creating a window with great noise-reducing properties. A hardwood frame, thermally efficient double glazing, and weatherproofing gaskets and seals together will offer excellent noise reduction.
Unlike most companies, we fit four sets of thermal and acoustic gaskets into your new windows as standard. Using four sets of Q-Lon gaskets gives optimal draft sealing, eliminates sash rattle and contributes significantly to reduce noise. Our standard 24mm double glazing units, constructed of 4mm glass on the outside, 16mm of Argon gas-filled space to prevent heat transfer, and 4mm glass inside (4/16Ar/4) offers excellent U-Values of 1.1W/m2K, and excellent noise reduction properties.
Another consideration is the kind of property you own. If you live in a conservation area acoustic glazing is still an option. However, if your property is a listed building or in a conservation area that has an Article 4 directive placed on it then acoustic glazing is likely not to be permitted. If you would like to chat through the options with us please email us or call us today on 02031 984 472, we are more than happy to help.
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